The Unexposed Secret of diamond engagement ring

For many men, it is a big step to buy a beautiful diamond engagement ring. However, numerous myths are also there today that relate to the purchasing of these rings. One should keep them away while they are buying a diamond engagement ring to gift their beloved.

The most common myth is to spend your two month’s salary over the cost of the purchase of a diamond ring. This fact is simply quoted with the views and nothing else. No set rule is there related to this fact that states about the money that should be spent on a diamond ring. Hence, you are free to spend more or less than your two month’s salary and go with what you can afford, and you wish to pay for the ring.

It is also a myth that all the diamond rings are expensive, but it is not the fact. The market comprises a huge range of the beautiful, stylish and affordable diamond rings with the modest price quoted from them. They will sure dazzle your lover.

Another story brings your listening to right type and wrong kind of diamond ring. However, there is no such kind of a diamond ring is available in the market to buy. A diamond ring should be selected that is going to please your fiancee along with meeting the needs and requirements of your budget as well at the same time.

Diamond rings can be purchased only in the jewelry stores is another myth. There are a wide variety of locations where the diamond rings are available. You can not only find these precious gems at the retail stores, but you can also search for the antique shops, department stores and numerous websites where the diamond rings are sold.

If you select your ring at the high price stores, it will be better; this is also a myth or misconception among people. Tiffany or other high priced jewelry stores have the beautiful jewelry section, but they may hardly have the best selection when they are compared to all other jewelry stores in this world.

Wedding ring and engagement rings

As it is known to all that the choice of the wedding ring plays a critical role in every wedding, therefore, it is essential to make some points clear for the proper choice of the ring you and your beloved is going to wear for your lifetime. As per the custom, the wedding is the union of two souls and with the ring exchange ceremony the couple exchanges their heart with one another and thereby becomes one.

Therefore the ring exchange ceremony plays a critical role in any wedding, and therefore it is essential to make the proper choice of the ring one is going to wear for the rest of his or her life. This custom originated in the ancient Egypt and gradually spread throughout the world. Being one of the most integral parts of the wedding ceremony, it marks the union of two souls, and the best part is that with the exchange of the rings it is believed that the two minds of the bride and the groom become united with each other. And the marriage ring is the symbol of this infinite love.

Though at times in ancient Rome there was the custom where the marriage ring was symbolized as the mark of the domination of men over women. It was the representative denoting that the woman who accepts the ring from a man is bound to that man for her lifetime and she thereon to be treated as his property. This concept of the commodification of women is no longer associated with the engagement ring, but in its place, it has turned into a symbol of love and trust each other. Therefore the engagement ring is considered to be a symbol of loving memories these days.

The wedding ceremony is celebrated differently neutral countries, and like that ring, ceremony is also not similar. There are some customs where the wedding ring is worn on their right ring finger, and there are some countries where the wedding ring is worn on their left ring finger.